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2017 Submissions

A Shroud of Glass Cinematic Song
Piano Song #2 Classical Song
Regret Cinematic Song
Perfect Cell Theme Cinematic Loop
Harmonics Cinematic Song
On Melancholy Hill Cinematic Song
Serpentine Cinematic Song
The Apocalypse Cinematic Song
Bastard Cinematic Song
Pay the Iron Price (WIP) Cinematic Song
Momentum Cinematic Song
Seasons (Piano Only) Solo Instrument Song
Seasons Cinematic Song
War Cinematic Song
I Smell Blood Cinematic Song
SFX Loop Experimental Loop
Journey to the Line Cinematic Song
Shitty Christmas Loop Cinematic Loop
Regicide Cinematic Song
Winterfell (Game of Thrones Cover) Cinematic Song
Piano Song Classical Song
Lannister Cinematic Song
Salt and Smoke Cinematic Song
Piano Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight Sonata, First Movement) Classical Song
Short and Sweet Cinematic Song
Light of the Seven Classical Song
Droney Experimental Song
Winterfell Cinematic Song
Pestilence Cinematic Song
The Palace Cinematic Song
Winter Is Coming Cinematic Song
Betrayer Cinematic Loop
The Ascent Cinematic Song
My Psychicpebbles Impression Comedy Voice
Automation Intro Cinematic Song
No Sleep Cinematic Song
His Crooked Nose (With Lyrics) Cinematic Song
Take Away (With Lyrics) Cinematic Song
The Sea Cinematic Song
Man That You Fear (Less Guitar) Cinematic Song
The Descent Cinematic Song
Stick It In (voice) Comedy Voice
Communication in Space Ambient Song
Take Away General Rock Song
Take Away (No Guitar) Industrial Song
Heroes (David Bowie Cover) Classic Rock Song
Heart Song Classical Song
Remove My Hand Classical Song
Stand Against Classical Song
We Will Be Conquerors Classical Song
The Beginning Classical Song
Time Lost Classical Song
Welcome Down Classical Song
An Ode To Me Classical Song
My Old Lady Voice Comedy Voice
Their Rise to Power Classical Song
Step Up (Loop) Classical Loop
Here's A Loop Experimental Loop
His Crooked Nose Classical Song
His Son (Alternate) Indie Song
His Son Classical Song
Enter Classical Loop
Become Classical Loop
Shifted Veil Solo Instrument Song
Forgotten Industrial Loop
Heroes Cinematic Loop
Racist 700 Year Old Lady Miscellaneous Voice
Gangnam Style Miscellaneous Voice
Spooky Theme (Undistorted) Solo Instrument Loop
Spooky Theme Solo Instrument Loop
Comedian Cinematic Song
Ballroom (Clean) Classical Song
Ballroom Classical Song
Farewell Classical Loop
Visualize Classical Loop
Castle Solo Instrument Loop
Something Moving Experimental Loop
Smooth Solo Instrument Loop
Magic (Short) Solo Instrument Loop
Fairy (Short) Classical Loop
Once More Classical Song
Thing Techno Song
Coma Black Classic Rock Song
Let It Go (Short) Classical Loop
Really Shitty Loop Miscellaneous Loop
Rain Shatters Window Classical Song
Wander (Loop) Ambient Loop
Sleep Ambient Song
Journey Ambient Song
The Tall Tale Solo Instrument Song
Death At Dusk (2) Ambient Song
Day The World Went Away Classic Rock Song
Tune-Out Forever Trance Song
Cry (No Snare) Techno Song