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2017-09-12 21:42:40 by jmagnum

I've been taking Prozac and it's making me extremely sleepy at all times. I can't really work on anything, so I'm just going to upload my backlog of unfinished songs/experiments. I'll go for 1 a day maybe.

Add my battletag #Jmagnum1939


I play both Horde and Alliance


Tauren Warrior main

I will probably create no content on here for the first month or so after the launch happens.

Hey that's pretty good

2016-08-04 06:04:08 by jmagnum

I finally spent some money on a music sketch tool package thing. It's just insanely better sounding. So much easier to use as well. Plus it opens the door to so much that was impossible before. I bought CineSymphony. I think even though it's great, the price is still a bit steep, it feels twice as expensive as it should be, but whatever.

I reccomend spending some money on good music resources. I was using the default garbage for years and refused to spend a penny on anything. I think it is totally worth it to drop a few hundred dollars on something for yourself. Especially if it's for something you love. 

Going to be having a lot more fun from now on

It's pretty good.

Feel like I'm dying

2016-02-12 16:20:40 by jmagnum

Not happy

Years of making songs and I only just learned that saving them as .wav is better than as .mp3



Also, got some proper recording equipment and effects boxes which I can use for a lot of guitar stuff. Going to be a fun year for my sounds for the between 0 and 2 people who care.

Unstable internet

2014-05-27 23:46:17 by jmagnum

If anyone sends me a message and I don't reply, odds are that my internet isn't working. It's a public wifi thing and sometimes it just doesn't work.


So it could take a while to get back to you if you have a question or something.

Please feel free to use my music

2013-07-13 17:27:39 by jmagnum

It would mean a lot to me for someone to eventually use one or more of my songs in a flash animation or game. So please feel free to do so if you want. Thank you.


2009-10-04 01:19:46 by jmagnum